Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Night time seems to bring on a contemplative mindset for me. I am more likely to try things that I wouldn't normally try during this period of time. Most of my life changing decisions occurred after sunset. It's a strange time. The sun is gone and vision diminishes, changes, and becomes unreliable at times. Sounds and smells and even the sense of touch seems to alter during these hours. The ache of the day creeps up on us during these hours.

Tonight my thoughts cannot help but dwell on the quiet nature that only the night can provide. That quiet that seeps through muscle and bone until it reaches spirit. It speaks only the language of the silence. In it, there is rest and calm. In it, there is at last peace. 

In closing...Some unconventional thoughts from You Tube videos in dealing with stress-

Lesson: When necessary, scream "Death!" as much as needed. I typically do this to my work assignments and in my head at annoying customers. It's a great stress reliever ;) Try it. DEATH!!!!!

Counting is a great de-stresser. 

Rifftrax: the only thing that made Twilight bearable when I watched it. Rifftrax is a great way to calm down and rid yourself of stress.
Finally: Dancing and singing are both therapeutic.

Remember these lessons and apply them as needed!

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